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5 Laundry Mistakes you are probably making

Laundry is the one thing that makes your routine tough. You need to put all the effort and energy in it but WAIT! Are you sure that you are doing it right? There are many things you may be doing wrong. So we are here to turn those wrongs into rights. Followings are some of the basic mistakes we have definitely made:

1) Forgetting to flush out the drain from the washer:

The water will leave rust in your washing machine. Next time you will wash clothes, imagine having yellow particles on them. It will not look good, trust us. Avoiding this nightmare will help the machine work longer.

2) Excessive use of detergent:

Always use high-quality detergent. Do not pour in your detergent without measuring. Read the packaging to check the right dosage and usage instructions according to your quantity of clothes and needs.

3) Overloading your machine:

When you overload your washer, you are putting extra pressure on your appliance. Clothes will not be easy to move around and get evenly clean. So try to put the least clothes if you want your machine to work long-lasting.

4) Putting detergent directly on your clothes:

Believe it or not, putting detergent directly on your clothes is a total bummer. best practice to follow is, place laundry in the machine first, add water and then add soap. If you are using bleach then, add water first, then put clothes in the washer and then the soap. Make sure to check the tags on your clothes and follow the instructions and laundry symbols.

5) Washing items that should be dry cleaned:

If a cloth has "DRY CLEANING" label, don't wash it in the machine. If you are washing the fibres like silks and linens, you can hand-wash and dry them in air. But for fancy clothes like leather, blazers and suits, don't waste time and dry-clean them.