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Time Managment Techniques For The Busy Professional

There never seems to be enough hours in the day. Your to-do list continues to grow, appointments continue to stack up and it can seem like you are just shoveling snow in a blizzard. We totally get it. The concept of getting more tasks ticked off your list and gaining more free time in your day just makes you want to throw your head back and laugh out loud. But what if we told you that it is TOTALLY possible? Here are three simple time management techniques that you can apply to your life TODAY to manage your time more effectively and gain more time for the more important things in life:


How many of us fall into the trap of procrastination and distraction? We know we do! It only takes a glance at our phone and we are sucked in by social media or watching YouTube videos of skateboarding pigs. When you need to focus, turn off the gadgets. Resist the temptation to check your phone as you wait for your computer screen to load. When shopping, allocate yourself a limited time and stay focused on what you NEED to get to stop you wandering over to the magazine aisle and reading the front covers for 20 minutes. Schedule in short 15-minute procrastination breaks to look at social media, read a magazine or go for a walk. This way you will be less likely to get distracted when you are trying to focus as you have allocated specific time for this.


Are you a YES person? That is great! But when you say YES to everything, it can get overwhelming and hectic very quickly! Soon enough, you find yourself at dinner parties, seminars, and events that you actually do not want to be at and find yourself thinking about all the over the stuff you could be doing. Do not be afraid to say NO. Do not get worried about offending others. Your time is valuable and you need to get precious with it. Limited your YES for things that truly benefit you, your family or your business.


Delegating tasks are a quick, sure way of freeing up your calendar and task list. Take a look at your to-dos. What tasks can only YOU do and no one else? What tasks can you delegate to others? Do you cook most nights for the family? Work with your partner to manage this schedule together leaving you more time with the kids. Are finances and accounting keeping you away from working on your business? Hire a book-keeper to get this task done for you. Does the laundry keep building up by the day and just never seems to get done until you run out of clean socks? Laundry can take up a lot of your delicate time, and it's also one of the easiest tasks you can delegate. Seek out a laundry service that picks up your laundry from your home and drops it back off the next day clean, folded and ironed with no hassle or extra effort on your behalf. DONE! At Suds on the Hudson, we want you to gain more valuable time in your day to spend it on things that matter the most - your family, friends, hobbies, and yourself instead of doing the laundry. Eliminate this tedious task from your to-do list today by signing up on our website or drop us a message to know more about us and our services.

Washing Less Often

There are some of your clothes that need to be washed immediately they are used. T-shirts, undies, stockings, and stained items do not need to wait till laundry day. Nevertheless, you can generally get more mileage out of a pair of jeans, towels, dress slacks, and bras. People habitually stack up their dirty clothes from the day into the hamper. But some clothes wont meet their ends if they go a little longer from wash to wash. There are times when it is apparent that an item needs to be cleaned before it can be used again. Such clothes can go into the hamper without any second thoughts. Finally, make sure you stick to any or all of the practices you establish. It is one thing to find a new way to make your laundry more manageable, and another to not go back to making it hard.