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Doing laundry can be a pain in the trunk for some people. Fact is - most people just wish their dirty clothes can find their own way to the washing machine and come back sparkling clean. Be as that may, we all know it is impossible. On many occasions, there are different ways to make the chore easier while not sacrificing efficiency. You can use more organized systems, and here are some of the most effective.

Sorting On the Go

Rather than spending hours sorting clothes into loads on the day you choose to wash them, you can sort as you go with a multiplicity of hampers. Not only will this technique take away the extra step, but also enable you to customize loads of laundry in any way you prefer. If you are washing for any family member separately, set the hampers and label them with each persons name. However, if you would instead do a pile of clothes by color and texture, mark each hamper in such way. On laundry day, take each basket to the laundry room one at a time. Afterward, transfer all the clothes from the hamper to the washer, with no washing necessary.


Most people love the laundry because of its rhythm. One can begin a load in the wash, do cardio, switch the load to the dryers, get some yoga, and start another load. Though it sounds strange, laundry can actually help you kick up your time management game. Within thirty to forty minutes, you can do a lot of things, from preparing dinner, reading some pages, to sending some emails and replying to text messages. Depending on the nature of your schedule, you can also run some errands. All you have to do is think of each cycle like a countdown clock. Make it a target to accomplish one thing before you buzzer buzzes. It can be tiring - or worse - but crossing two-three things off your list can be glorious.

Keep Stain Treating

In semblance to sorting your laundry, stain treatment on laundry day can be time-consuming. If you have messy kiddos, the stakes will be much higher. The time and energy it requires to examine every peach of clothing from the hamper one cannot be overemphasized. When you put treating the stains on the dresses before starting to wash, the pain sets in. Rather than going through all of this stress, you can treat each clothing on the go by keeping some of your choicest stain treatment close to the hamper. It would prove more manageable altogether if you examine one outfit before it goes into the hamper.

Washing Less Often

There are some of your clothes that need to be washed immediately they are used. T-shirts, undies, stockings, and stained items do not need to wait till laundry day. Nevertheless, you can generally get more mileage out of a pair of jeans, towels, dress slacks, and bras. People habitually stack up their dirty clothes from the day into the hamper. But some clothes wont meet their ends if they go a little longer from wash to wash. There are times when it is apparent that an item needs to be cleaned before it can be used again. Such clothes can go into the hamper without any second thoughts. Finally, make sure you stick to any or all of the practices you establish. It is one thing to find a new way to make your laundry more manageable, and another to not go back to making it hard.